HumanKind Professional African Body Wrap
A nourishing and detoxifying body wrap

Contains African BUCHU extract with amazing healing properties on the skin. Combination of oils from BAOBAB and MARULA provide strong anti-oxidant and rejuvenating properties on the skin. Extract from the AFRICAN SAUSAGE TREE (Kigelia Africana) will firm and lift the skin giving it a more youthful condition. Shea Butter nourishes and moisturises leaving the skin soft and supple.

HumanKind Professional Slimming Body Wrap
An intensive slimming wrap

Contains an extract of GREEN COFFEE ARABICA seeds and an extract of ILEX PARAGUARIENSIS leaves. It helps to reduce localized excess fat by reduction the number and volume of adipocytes. Combination of GINGER and ARNICA extracts help to increase micro-circulation and detoxify the skin.

HumanKind Professional Chilli Wrap
A detoxifying and slimming wrap

Contains ginger root extract giving a natural warming effect on the skin. Synergic blend of 9 essential oils - BLACK PEPPER, CAMOMILE ROMAN, CINNAMON LEAF, EUCALYPTUS, GINGER, JUNIPERBERRY, LEMON VERBENA, PEPPERMINT and TEA TREE OIL assist in detoxifying the skin, stimulating lymph drainage and helps with body contouring. Excellent to use in a package in combination with the Humankind slimming body wrap, or as a precursor to the Humankind slimming wrap.

HumanKind Professional Chocolate Body Wrap
A luxurious and moisturising body treatment

Is based on natural cacao extract. It is rich in essential vitamins and minerals such as Folic acid, Vitamins C and B6, Niacin and Iron. Chocolate is a very sensual moisturising treatment which softens the skin, leaving it with a radiant glow, feeling relaxed and with a sense of well-being.


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